Visual editor not working in Easyblogging

We have discovered a bug whereby children cannot click into the text box in the visual editor when using Easyblogging and the latest version of WordPress (3.9). This means they can only write in the title box of a new post and are unable to write the rest of the post. We have reported this bug to t5he authors of Easyblogging and are awaiting a fix. Please note, only a few schools have reported this problem.

Temporary Fix

In order to keep children who are experiencing this problem blogging you need to disable the visual editor. Unfortunately this has to be done on a user by user basis. Visit each user’s profile and tick the relevant box right at the top of the page. Alternatively, you could temporarily deactivate the Easyblogging plugin from Network Admin > Plugins. If you do this you are making it much easier for users to find their way around the system so consider it a temporary solution and one you need to keep an eye on.

This post will be updated as soon as we can find a fix.













Update 8th May, 2014

We have found a better solution to the problem: it transpires that the issue is caused by a conflict between the Easyblogging plugin and the Subscribe by Email plugin when using WordPress 3.9 only. Go to Network Admin > Plugins and Network Deactivate the Subscribe by Email plugin. Users will then be able to use the visual editor once more.