How to use Picasa to create a collage for your blog header

Collages are one of the most popular features of the blogs that we build and these are extremely easy to make yourself. We use Picasa (free download for Mac or PC) to make these quickly and easily.

Here’s a link to a video to show you how:

Image dimensions for blog headers in popular themes – use these dimensions to make collages in Picasa to the precise proportions of the theme you are using:

Twenty Eleven 1000 pixels x 288 pixels
Twenty Twelve 960×250
Ocean Wide 980×198
Miisty Look 760×200
Contempt 750×140
PrimePress 920×150

We use exactly the same technique to make collages for slides on the homepage, and here are the dimensions of the homepage slides of popular themes:

Simplicity 960 pixels x 338 pixels
Swatch 886×333
Olya 960×338
Scrollider 1500×515

One really irritating feature of Picasa is that it does not have an image resize function built into it, so any finished collage will be proportionately correct, but much bigger than the actual size you require. You therefore need to resize any collage that you have created to fit the precise dimensions of the image header in your blog. To resize headers use Microsoft Office Picture Manager if you have Microsoft Office, or download Irfan View. If you are unable to install software then try which is a simple picture resize tool