Guide to managing users in a WordPress Multisite

Ver 1.0 Oct. 2014

Edited September 2015

One of the biggest issues facing schools with WordPress Multisites is the management of user accounts. This guide will hopefully set out a few ground rules and dispel a few misunderstandings. What questions have we missed?

1. Who can create user accounts?

User accounts can be created by network administrators and by blog administrators. However it is vital to understand that if an administrator on a blog (normally the class teacher) creates a new user account on their class blog, they MUST do so with a real email address. This is because WordPress sends out a confirmation email to any new accounts and this must be responded to before the user account is created. Since most primary schools do not give children their own email addresses, class teachers should not be responsible for creating accounts for the children in their class. In fact, we recommend using a spreadsheet to add children