Creating Parent Logins for Learning Journey

Step 1:  Collect a valid email address for all parents for whom you wish to create a login.

Note: If you wish to create multiple logins for parents or carers, each one must have a separate email address.

Step 2: From the dashboard of the blog that you wish to create a login for click on “Users” > “Add New” from the left hand menu. Fill in the form and add the user. An email will be sent to the user requiring them to login to confirm the account creation. Select from the following roles:

  1. Select “Author” if you wish them to be able to write a blogpost on the learning journey. For example they might want to write a piece about activities they have shared at home with their child.
  2. Select “Subscriber” if you want the parent to be able to login and view but only comment on existing posts, not write posts of their own

Note on usernames: in WordPress all usernames must be lowercase with no spaces or special characters. I would suggest that you add a code to the username of any parent logins that you create so that when you look at a list of users for your whole site it is obvious that the accounts are those of parents. e.g. all usernames for parent logins could be prefaced “parent” e.g. “parentsmith” or “parentjames”