Adding User Lists to the “Subscribe by Email” plugin

Top Tip: Subscribe by Email Plugin

You can drag a horse to water but you can’t make it drink. Suppose you have a private staffroom blog on which you are posting notices, research, inset feedback, calls to action etc. How do you ensure that teachers visit this blog to check what is being posted?

The answer is to use the “Subscribe by Email” plugin that is active on all of our sites. As well as having a “Subscribe by Email” widget, which is the normal way people use this plugin to subscribe to a blog, the plugin allows you to upload a list of email addresses so that you can easily add all staff to a blog subscription.

Simply create a spreadsheet with one column containing a list of email addresses (no names). Save the email as a csv file and then go to the dashboard that you wish to add the list to. Click on “Subscriptions” > “Add Subscribers” and upload the csv file. Job done.

Now go to “Subscriptions” > “Settings” and review your notification settings. Do you want a weekly digest, or an email everytime you post to the blog. There are also options to add logos to emails, change colours, add footer notes etc, all accessible by clicking on the tabs across the top of the page.